Небесная семиотика

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  1. It’s interesting how you read a book about clouds and fall in love with them. Anyway, it’s an amazing exploration.
    I’ve been in Canada for 14 years now, but I still find a lot of stuff which was way better in Latvia. Food is probably the most noticeable thing.
    People happiness-zombies and people liars to just please one. There is a lot of two-facing in relationships. Also, trends, trends to the extent one becomes really tired of them, hence, most do not relate anyhow with me particularly.
    I was going to write a blog post soon about how difficult or easy it is to immigrate at middle age. I was 46 when I came her, so, that pretty much has set the tone and scene of my social surroundings, relationships, etc.
    I hope you love it in the States. Do you?
    Have a great afternoon!

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    1. I miss Russia a lot, and living in a new country is indeed a very hard cultural transition. But I mostly try to be curious. It is always worthy to learn from other nations and in this sense moving to another country is a very valuable experience. Kind of a long-term adventure 🙂


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